Lash Extensions

The application of a eyelash extension includes applying one single lash extension to one of your natural individual lashes.

As a natural part of the eyelash (hair) growth cycle a person is continuously losing and re-growing new eyelashes.

This is why we recommend that our clients come in every 2-3 weeks
for touch-ups to maintain existing lashes by removing any that are loose and by adding extensions to new hair that has grown in to ensure continual, voluminous lashes.


  • DO NOT get your lashes wet two hours before your appointment
  • PLEASE remove all traces of makeup using oil- free cleanser/makeup remover.
  • DO NOT  wear makeup around your eyes to the appointment.
  • PLEASE make sure you have an umbrella with you on rainy days to avoid  getting the       lashes wet.
  • DO NOT wear contact lenses to the appointment or bring your lenses case with you so they can be removed.



  • For two days after treatment, DO NOT get your lashes wet.
  • For two days after your treatment, DO NOT steam your face, swim or wash your face with hot water.
  • DO NOT use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on lashes as this will affect the bonding..
  • DO NOT perm and do not use eyelash curlers.
  • DO NOT rub eyes when washing face just, pat dry after cleansing.
  • Use non-oil based makeup remover eg. Simple eye makeup remover
  • Brush your lashes keep them straight with the mascara wand provided.
  • Cleanse with a PROLONG formulated lash cleanser available at Splash of Lash


We look forward to seeing you soon...