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JUICE DETOX Natural Deodorant Paste

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JUICE DETOX is a natural deodorant paste to keep you feeling fresh all day, while also allowing your body to naturally eliminate toxins. The armpit friendly formula helps neutralise odour causing bacteria.

Suitable for:


All skin types

Nut allergies



Juice Detox is a lightweight formulation that won't block the pores or inhibit the natural perspiration process. Toxins and sweat are absorbed by natural clay and vegetable powders, while antibacterial ingredients such as bicarbonate keep odour causing bacteria away.



Organic Coconut Oil,

Organic Shea Butter,

Tapioca Root Powder,

Sodium Bicarbonate,

Kaolin Clay,

Isoamyl Laurate,

Candelilla Wax,

A plant based wax that protects the skin.

Zinc Oxide,

Desert Jasmine Oil,

Olive Fruit Oil,

Kakadu Plum Oil,

Safflower Seed Oil,

Organic Lemon Myrtle Leaf Oil,


Whats banned from our blender?

Polyethylene glycol (PEGS), Silicones, Artificial colours, Artificial fragrances, Mineral oil, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Drying alcohol